Most of the companies across face Challenges in Recruitment of Key Management Positions. This is the main reason why most of the recruitment consulting companies fail in today’s world and many of the companies have started recruiting on their own. But the questions which comes to mind are – How much time and effort it takes to identify that. Can the company afford this much of time? Also will the HR department alone be able to identify the right profile with limited accessibility? Will HR have the knowledge of functional role ? Is it worth paying 12-20% of the Annual Cost of employees to consulting companies?

At Sekou Consulting, we have identified some of the challenges across globe and tried incorporating solutions to them.

  1. Understanding the Management Position and Job profile of the sameIt is very important to understand the exact requirement of the company or the client. Our management team comprises of people from diversified profile- manufacturing, trading, service sector, banking covering various industries who carry relevant experience to understand this. This gives us a very clear understanding of the profile. We patiently keep on looking for profiles and only matching profiles are sent to client after screening and interviews.
  2. Knowledge of Functional DomainIt is very important to have an understanding of functional domain for which position is being recruited. We have people from various industries working in our organization who carry relevant experience and are part of selection committee and interview panels to shortlist the right profile of the relevant functional domain.

    By using Sekoucon’s Industry Specific Candidate approach (SISCA), our clients get candidates from their desired and specific Companies, Industries and fields.

  3. Timelines taken to identify the profileTaking any assignment is easy but completing it timely is most important. Most of the recruitment consulting companies take 3-6 months time to close key management positions but we have a dedicated team of professionals who cater to every position and we try to close the same at the earliest. By using Sekoucon’s Turn-Around-Time (STAT):We provide suitable candidates within desired TAT.
  4. High Payout / Charges to Recruitment ConsultantsMost of the recruitment consulting companies charge 12% – 20% of the Cash CTC (Cost to the Company) to the companies they are recruiting for. But at Sekou Consulting, we have Sekoucon’s Cost Effective Tool (SCET): We charge our clients professional fees less than the industry benchmark rate of 12%-20% and charge only 8.33%.
  5. Limited AccessibilityMost of the companies HR department and even most of the recruitment consulting companies use online job portals to search profiles. But at Sekou Consulting we use Sekoucon’ s Global Network (SGN). Our clients gain through us as we have a global wide network for identifying the best candidate.