Project Financing

Sekoucon as a Project Finance Consultants, with our comprehensive knowledge of capital market and industrial practices, offer project finance facility to our clients across all sectors. From the broad strategic thinking required at the inception stage of a project through to the detailed technical skills required at financial close, as well as advice on the complexities of refinancing.

Growth Financing

For startup firms and small business the growth rate is an important ratio to follow, since it measures a firm’s profitable increase in top-line revenues, its possible with the help of sound capital structure. We will help you to take an advantage of Line of credit, WC loan, bank guarantee.


Restructuring a company’s debt and equity mixture, most often with the aim of making a company’s capital structure more stable. Essentially, the process involves the exchange of one form of financing for another, it will help to maintain standard WAAC (Weighted Average Cost Of Capital).

Asset Financing

This type of financing is typically used for short-term borrowing or necessary assets, equipment, immediate working capital. Companies using Asset Financing commonly pledge their accounts receivable, but the use of inventory assets is becoming more frequent.

Acquisition / Takeover Financing

The capital that is obtained for the purpose of buying another business. Acquisition Financing allows the user to meet their current acquisition aspirations by providing immediate resources that can be applied towards the transaction. Favorable rates for acquisition financing can help smaller companies reach economies of scale and is generally viewed as an effective method for increasing the size of the company’s operations.

Debt Syndication for Bigger Projects

Debt Syndication is an arrangement made between two or more banks/financial institutions to provide the borrower a credit facility using common debt documents.