UAE jobs in demand in 2018

The UAE market looks promising and brimming with opportunities in the coming months. As per the results of the Middle East Job Seeker Confidence Survey, about 74% of respondents of a survey said that the business condition in UAE will improve in the coming months.

In Dubai, the demand for professional services is expected to rise in 2018. There will be an implementation of large-scale projects by companies and hence the job scenario will flourish. A new tax system is expected to be implemented which will lead to the demand for tax managers, credit controllers, accounts managers, executives and money management experts. These professionals will be required to possess a mix of skill of one or more specialized streams of taxation, finance, and accounting.

These growths in the demand for professional services in the UAE are attributed to factors like digitalization, a shift in the focus from oil to other sectors, and a new VAT implementation. In UAE, companies should be geared for the implementation of the VAT taxation by January 2018. The head of policy at CPA Australia, Paul Drum, said that by 2018, about 5000 accounting-related vacancies will be available in the GCC area, after the VAT implementation.

Jobs to watch out for:

Accounting and Finance

Candidates with an experience of 5-10 years will be the most sought after, attracting hefty pay packages and lucrative offers in the Gulf region. The top 3 professional roles in finance include:

  • Tax managers(large-scale companies)
  • Financial planning and analysis directors (large scale)
  • Credit controllers (small company)


Financial services

Roles popular in the financial services segment are compliance officers, mergers and acquisitions experts, and anti-money laundering agents. It is also predicted that around 80% of the banks are expected to implement blockchain projects. There is an increase in cyber crimes leading to economic instability, therefore financial institutions are on a lookout for professionals who has specialized knowledge and analytical skills to deal with economic crisis. Sectors like healthcare, real estate, and professional services are exuding a high demand for the need of finance professionals.

Human resources and administrative officers

With a plethora of industries and employment mushrooming in different sectors, there will be an overall increase in demand for staff. This demand will be for people who can handle staff relations, professionals with organizational skills, accounting skills as discussed earlier), and place workers. Business will invest in the recruitment, training, and retention of competent manpower that will boost their business activities.


The UAE e-commerce sector to grow to Dh40Billion in 2018

There has been a significant growth in the UAE technology market has grown from an estimated Dh15.8 billion in 2013 to a projected value of US$ 17.2 billion in 2016. There has been a rise in the transformation businesses and digital retail businesses included in the SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESSES) boom. The Expo 2020 shows an upward trend and is promising to bring more growth in the technology sector.


The UAE market looks promising and inviting! If you are looking for job opportunities in the UAE region, now is the time to keep track of the upcoming job openings. With the VAT implementation in 20018, there will be a new set of accounting and legal requirements that will spring up. Qualifications and professional skill in finance, technology, accounting, and HR, will be greatly in demand in 2018.