Sekou Consulting Pvt ltd provides a cost-effective outsourced finance, accounts, and payroll service to accountancy firms.

Why outsource accounting and payroll?

Our outsourcing services are an efficient and alternative means for our clients to complete their routine bookkeeping, accounting and payroll work without increasing overheads that come in the form of recruiting and training specialist staff, buying and maintaining systems and software, and dealing with complex government legislation.

Who do we serve?

Sole-proprietors, contractor accountants, tax accountants, CAs and Enrolled Agents – everyone who wants to generate new business or better manage their existing business without huge upfront investment. It is also like one can specialize in few streams and still continue to generate revenue by outsourcing other work maintaining quality and TAT.

So whether it’s a large accountancy practice looking to gain access to scarce skills, or a sole-proprietor wary about recruiting staff, a small practice that needs support during periods of understaffing or even a struggling practice looking to increase savings, Sekou helps transform the way accountants operate their accounting departments.

How does it help?

Cost effective:
Outsourcing accounting and payroll functions costs roughly half of what it does when processed in-house.

Growth without overheads:
Outsourcing allows firms to take on more clients without moving into larger facilities, adding computers and staff, plus firms can avoid hidden costs that come in the form of taxes, holidays, sickness and benefits.

Low-margin, high input work:
Handing over low margin compliance work helps clients focus on the higher-profit, more interesting work such as business advice.

Faster turnaround:
With India anything from 10½ to 13½ hours ahead of American time zones , work sent overnight can be returned the next morning – extremely valuable from a work planning perspective and for your client relations.

Financial Reporting

The efficiencies of the finance reporting function can be a real source of competitive advantage to your Company in changing times. Financial Reporting function can effectively be outsourced to provide unbiased, fair, & transparent financial disclosures.

Sekoucon provides full spectrum of financial reporting services you need. We prepare complete set of reports each month that provide you an accurate picture of your financial position.

We provide the following Reporting Services.

AP Reports
Sekou Con provides payable reporting services like vendor invoices input to payable system, invoices classification to proper G/L account, report aged payables and cash requirements to the organization etc.

Accounts Receivables
Sekou Con provides AR follow up services and also regular reporting for the health of your account receivables Including reports like Aged Receivables, Customer reports, Invoice/Sales reports etc.

Bank Reconciliation
Sekou Con enables you to monitor and control your bank accounts, on a daily basis. Materials like cancelled checks and bank statements can be sent directly to us, so we can immediately reconcile the account & alert you regarding any matters that require your attention.

General Ledger Reports
Our accountants provide and support the entire finance back office function of your companies General Ledger Maintenance. These include month-end and year-end general ledger reports, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Ledger report etc.

Inventory Reports
We provide inventory reporting and help you with reports like stock status reports, item master lists and item costing reports. We also assist you to process receipts, withdrawals; reorder levels, average monthly usage, inactivity and current value etc.

Payroll and Check Registers
Complete records of all your company checks written during the month to show you exactly where your money is going.

Financial Statements
We can prepare a complete set of financial reports for you, including (but not limited to) balance sheets, and income and cash flows statements.

Customized Reports
Feel free to ask for additional customized reports that will further help you manage your operations for greater efficiency and profit. These include budget preparation and compliance issues.

Bank Reconciliations

  • Periodic reconciliation of all banking transactions.
  • Confirmation of proper accounting of all accounting transactions as reflected in the relevant Bank Statements.
  • Complete Audit trail of all reconciliation work.
  • Support in providing Reports based on specific requirements of the clients which are sector specific of management specific.