Setting up New Business

We service to support business planning combine advanced technical resources with commercial  awareness based on indirect experience of specific industry sectors. Our specialties understand the commercial imperatives that drive business success.

Budgeting & Cost Management Services

We work with our clients to understand their budgetary needs. We evaluate their needs and develop a preliminary budget to help keep costs in line. During the program we maintain and manage costs closely. At the end of the program, we complete the budget by applying actual costs. This process has proven to be invaluable and has consistently saved our clients money.

Credit Rating Advisory

In India, Credit Rating was never perceived as important as it considered today after the mandatory requirement of compliance of BASEL II norms by the Indian banks. A business enterprise should carefully consider the impact on the credit rating every time they make a significant financial and strategic decision.

Sekoucon provides companies with expert guidance to optimize their ratings. We, with our in-depth understanding of rating process supported with domain expertise on risk management, strategy and finance, offer our clients an end to end solution and help them right from preparing the company for rating to the final assessment by the independent rating agency.