With advances in technology, particularly in the areas of candidate sourcing, mobile applications, data generation and e-reference checking, recruitment companies today are under continuous pressure to reassess their service delivery strategy.

To stay one step ahead of their competitors, our clients outsource essential but time consuming back-office recruitment tasks so they can develop services that will keep them at the forefront of the recruitment industry.

Why outsource recruitment services?

Outsourcing of recruitment service enables our clients to focus on their core areas, save huge on labour intensive back office processes and increase productivity of their existing team. These savings can then be invested into revenue generating activities. They also gain through our reach to various related industries in identifying the best candidate. Our services help not only the large companies but also the small and medium companies to overcome challenges like lack of capital, need of more skilled resources, controlling capital cost and increasing efficiency.

Whether clients are looking to outsource a part of the recruitment cycle or the entire process, they can be rest assured that we will deliver.

Who we work with?

We operate under many verticals across the staffing industry but are firmly established within the banking, engineering, healthcare, oil and gas and information technology.

Our experience

We are renowned across the staffing industry for our highly trained & efficient employee base and an experienced management team that delivers the highest level of service to its clients.

Today we’ve established our position as the preferred partner of choice when it comes to outsourcing and have recently signed agreements with major SME’s from the recruitment industry. One of our newest clients has already witnessed the following:

  • A decrease in employee turnover ratio and
  • An increase in staffing levels

due to employee checks, increased productivity and business gained from their engagement with Sekou.


    • Sekoucon’s Global Network (SGN): Our clients gain through us as we have a global wide network for identifying the best candidate.
    • Sekoucon’s Industry Specific Candidate approach (SISCA):Our clients get candidates from their desired and specific Companies, Industries and fields.
    • Sekoucon’s Cost Effective Tool (SCET): We charge our clients professional fees less than the industry benchmark rate .
    • Sekoucon’s Turn-Around-Time (STAT):We provide suitable candidates within desired TAT.
    • Sekoucon’s Client Desk Concept (SCDC): We have client wise dedicated HR managers to screen candidates before sending relevant CV’s.
    • Sekoucon’s Annual Savings Plan (SASP): Now you can pay a fixed cost to us for a limited number of recruitments per annum or even unlimited number of recruitments per annum depending upon which annual package you choose and save 90% of total annual recruitment costs.